President's Message

Welcome to WHYY, Greater Philadelphia’s largest public media provider. We make The Delaware Valley a better place by connecting each of us to the world’s richest ideas and all of us to each other.

WHYY engages citizens as full partners in the conception and execution of content and advances civic life through storytelling, arts, education and civic dialogue. We are the region's leading public media provider and PBS/NPR member station, serving the nation's fourth largest TV market with more than 2.9 million households in the 5-county Greater Philadelphia Area, the State of Delaware and all of Southern New Jersey.

WHYY's multimedia outreach includes WHYY-TV, WHYY-FM,, and WHYY's award-winning online home for news and civic dialogue, Stay up to date with news and programs that matter most to you! Sign up for free to receive any of our newsletters, tailored to your specific program or service interest.

Further serving our community through "off-air" programs, WHYY offers community forums, artistic performances, lectures and a variety of media education programs for youth, educators and adult learners in our Public Media Commons. We consistently use on-air and online content to drive in-person audience engagement.

Over the last several years, WHYY has performed better than many other public media stations in our peer group at a time when the economy is still struggling and the media marketplace is changing almost every week. Our success is in no small part due to support from viewers and listeners like you. More than half of WHYY's operating budget comes from member contributions. Contributions are invested into programming and services that enrich the lives of all Delaware Valley residents.

By joining WHYY, you'll enjoy discounts to the region's museums and educational organizations, performing arts centers and music and theater venues; restaurants, retail stores and service providers. You'll also enjoy admission to special member events.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

William J. Marrazzo

President and Chief Executive Officer