Introducing the WHYY Listen App!

Listen to your favorite WHYY and NPR radio programming on your phone. It’s easy - download the WHYY Listen App for free in the app store, hit play and start listening!

Whether you use the app to listen to our reliable livestream of WHYY-FM or check out our local on-demand audio and podcasts, with the WHYY Listen app you can access our award-winning local and national news anywhere.

  • Livestream WHYY-FM 24/7
  • Get on-demand streaming of WHYY-FM's podcasts
  • Read or listen to WHYY's latest news stories
  • Wake up to WHYY with an alarm clock function
  • Connect the app to cars that are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Ford's Smart Device Link enabled

Download Links:
iOS | Android


The stream keeps dropping out. What’s wrong?
Please check your service and coverage. If you continue have problems try restarting your app, or your re-downloading the app. The app depends on your wifi or cell service signal to stream. If you know in advance that you’re going to be going somewhere without good service, you can download podcast episodes to listen to when you don’t have service.

I am experiencing a bug or a feature isn’t working. Who should I notify?
Please note that we support the following operating systems: iOS: 8 and higher Android: 4.1 and higher.
Please notify When you send your e-mail please include the following information to help us troubleshoot your issue:

  • What type of device are you using the app on?
  • What version of the phone’s software are you using?
  • What version of the app are you using?
  • Screen shots, if you have them!

Can I promote my business on the app or on WHYY-FM?
Yes! WHYY receives support from community businesses and organization through underwriting. This support helps make the app possible and keeps it free for everyone. Contact our underwriting team at (215) 351-1223 or to get started.

Will the stream keeping playing if I close the app? Or if my phone’s asleep?
Yes, the stream will continue if you background the app; if you completely quit the app it will stop playing. If your phone is asleep, the stream will keep playing.

How can I see what I’ve downloaded?
Downloading podcasts will also allow you to listen to that episode when you don’t have access to wifi or cell service. If you select “download” on a podcast episode, the app will save the episode for you to listen to later. To see what you’ve downloaded, under the “podcast” menu item, select the podcast you’ve downloaded episodes from and select the “downloads” tab.

Can I rewind a podcast?
Yes! Drag the place holder on the progress bar at the bottom of your screen, or if your phone is asleep, on the lock screen.

Can I pause a podcast?
Yes! If you have left the podcast episode screen, you will need to access the pause button via the menu. You can also return to the podcast episode screen. Or, if your phone is asleep, hit the pause button on the lock screen.

What if my question isn’t answered here?
Contact WHYY Member and Audience Services at You may also call (215) 351-0511 during business hours.